How our Masks are Different

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We’re sure you are wondering what makes our masks so popular and different from every other product on the market right? Well, let us show off a little 😉

  1. Our masks are LOCALLY produced, not imported. This means that each product is lovingly made by hand, right here in Cape Town by experienced and talented seamstresses
  2. Our masks are of the highest quality and ALL contain three layers (yes, even our scarf masks!)
  3. Unlike other products flooding the market, our masks do NOT need to be thrown away after 30 days/washes
  4. By buying a mask from us, you are supporting and aiding an amazing community of woman to empower themselves and continue to provide for their families during these times
  5. Our design is tried and tested to be one of the most comfortable and breathable masks out there!
  6. Shall we continue? We could go on for hours! We are so proud of this range.

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