Why OUR Masks?

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The world changed rapidly in a very short period of time and we decided to not only adapt but to assist in helping others whilst keeping it fashionable- something that we have always aimed to do. Hence our luxe mask range was born!

What makes our masks different?
❌ NOT made from polyurethane or synthetic materials (please do your research!)
❌ No tearing or stretching 
❌ No need to dispose or throw away after 30 days/washes
✅ LOCALLY produced EMPOWERING and providing jobs and an income to the local community 
✅ 4 different sizes available to ensure the perfect fit
✅ Contoured fit with nose strip enhancement to prevent glasses fogging 
✅ Triple layered with an extra built in filter 

We offer masks with and without respirators and with the added upgrade option of a non-rust metal nose strip which has proven to be a LIFESAVER for those who wear glasses.

Read more about our COVID-19 journey HERE

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