Making the Mundane Magical

Learn the story behind our masks...

Born from necessity; transforming the ordinary to extraordinary

The times have changed and the world as we know it is a far different place than one could ever imagine. These current world events inspired and encouraged us to develop a new approach to help assist not only others in our local community but also the country as a whole. Thus our luxe mask range was born. did we get here?

Did you know that conservationists are worried that the coronavirus may actually lead to a spark and surge in ocean pollution?

Single use face masks are having a devastating impact on the environment.

Due to the lockdown that our country instated to protect its people and flatten the curve, many individuals have found themselves without an income. This has had devastating effects on many lives and families.

As per regulation in South Africa, face masks are required in all public spaces. This means that at work, at school and even in the grocery store, one has to wear their mask.

This means that potentially masks are worn for extended hours at a time.

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We developed a range that is not only re-usable but is produced from ethically sourced materials that are high in quality and durability. This allows you to wash and re-use your mask many times over- saving the turtles and fishies- and limiting your environmental footprint.

Our range is created by our small team of talented local seamstresses and their contributions also allow them to bring home an income & continue to provide for their families during these unstable times.

We believe in individuality. We believe in allowing you to express your style and we love to help you do it. Each mask from our luxe mask range is unique, handcrafted with love and completely bougee of course 😉 We bring classic style to your door.

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