Bio-degradable Eco-Glitter- Vegas Sunrise


An eco-friendly glitter blend from Mirror Moon. Perfect for parties, concerts, creative makeup looks, Halloween looks, festivals and more!

Made with plant cellulose from sustainably farmed, non-GMO eucalyptus trees. This glitter is biodegradable, compostable and non-toxic.

Vegan-friendly, no animal testing

This eco glitter has the same reflective properties as conventional glitter BUT it is s cosmetic grade product, safe for use in cosmetics & on the face, body or hair AND is gentler on the skin than conventional glitter


  • If you leave your Eco Glitter in a warm, moist & oxygenated environment, it will begin to biodegrade. 
  • Keep your Eco Glitter in its pot or bag & store in a cool dry place, to prevent it from breaking down prematurely.

The Essential Info:

  • 10ml
  • Colour: A blend of Chunky Red, Chunky Purple, Super Chunky Gold, Gold Dust and Red Dust.

    (Please note this product is very RED when applied).

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