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The River Queen Crystal Hair Jewel

The River Queen Crystal Hair Jewel

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♥"She had the soul of a gypsy; the heart of a hippie; and the spirit of a fairy. She wore flowers in her hair and carried magic secrets in her eyes." ♥

Our limited edition crystal hair adornments. Only one of each created- each unique and beautiful in its own way. A 100% Proudly South African handcrafted piece made from raw Aura Quartz crystals. *Each Crystal Hair Jewel comes in its own storage box. The meaning behind the crystal: Aura quartz are known as stones of abundance.  They are said to attract success to all who use, wear or carry them and it is thought that they can even bring prosperity and sometimes wealth! As with many crystals, this quartz is an outstanding tool for people wishing  to increase their skills in the psychic realm as well as their awareness. To read more about the meanings and power behind each crystal, visit our page-

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