Say goodbye to bad hair & skin days

Read on to learn more about our Luxe Satin Range

Why Satin?

Our satin is a combination of silk & polyester which makes it not only an epic hybrid but also perfect for not absorbing moisture in the same manner as cotton.

Sleeping on satin also means less friction on your hair which equals less moisture loss, less frizziness and of course- less breakage! Wearing a satin face mask greatly assists in reducing the risk of breakouts and “maskne”. 

Due to the nature and softness of satin, it works to be kinder on your skin and hair promoting optimum growth and maximising health of both.

So...why should you choose Satin?


Our satin pillowcases help to maintain the moisture balance of your hair and skin.

Our Satin face masks cause less friction whilst still being cool & breathable

Our satin scrunchies aid in reducing hair breakage, loss & damage.

Lash extensions? Microblading? Hair extensions?

Our satin pillowcase range is kinder to your skin and thus acts gently on not only your skin but your other beauty investments too.

Spend hundreds or thousands on your night cream only for half of it to be absorbed by your pillow? We feel you.

Our satin pillowcases will not absorb face creams & serums AND additionally treat your skin kindly after facial treatments.

So in short- the benefits of our Satin range:

  • Eliminates facial folds and reduces wrinkles
  • Does not draw moisture from your skin, allowing the perfect balance of both hair and skin to be maintained
  • Protects your brows and lashes- especially if you have extensions
  • Allows your pores to breath without drawing moisture from your skin
  • Prevents frizzy hair
  • Reduces knotty and damaged hair
  • Reduces hair loss due to friction 
  • Keeps those face creams and serums right where you want them- on your beautiful face!
  • Anti-aging (oh right, we totally mentioned that but I mean, who doesn’t want to look 21 forever?!)
  • Hypoallergenic

We developed a range that is proudly South African and supports the local community with each and every purchase.

Our face masks are not only re-usable but are produced from ethically sourced materials that are high in quality and durability. This allows you to wash and re-use your mask many times over- saving the turtles and fishies- and limiting your environmental footprint. Additionally our masks are available with and without respirator valves and anti-fog strips.

Every single item from our luxe satin range is unique, handcrafted with love and completely bougee of course 😉 We bring classic style and beauty must-haves to your door.

Have Questions? No worries, we got you.

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