The Divine Faith Layered Necklace Set Silver


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Layered Necklaces are the latest fashion. These delicate gold & silver pieces are finished with a 5cm extender chain, allowing for a more comfortable fit.

The length of the first layer is 30cm, the second layer 37cm, the third layer is 45cm and the longest of the chains is 55cm.

The Moon is a feminine symbol, universally representing the rhythm of time. The phases of the moon symbolize Immortality and Eternity( Ever-Lasting Life), Enlightenment, as well as the Yin and Yang nature of Life itself.

The word ‘’crescent” is derived from the Latin term Ceres, meaning to “bring forth, or to create”, as well as Crescere, the Latin term for “to grow and thrive”.

The cross is a symbol of Faith and of the Christian religion. It often depicts a belief in or associated with Jesus and the Christian God.

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